Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

Re: DNS: Suggested ADNA Board Members

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 1998 17:36:08 +0800
> Corporations Law breaches are pretty serious.  Especially where this kind
> of representation is concerned.

That's the third time you've stated that ADNA baord members are potentially
breaching the corporations law.  The ACCC has had an observer at every one
of the ADNA meetings, as far as I am aware.  If you believe that a breach
has been committed, then why don't you go talk to them.

All you have done is criticise, pontificate and make inane accusations.  The
reality is that the people who are in ADNA (and others, particular several
from ISOC-AU) have put in a lot of their own time, effort and money to date.
At least they've made some effort and done some work.  

I disagree with several of the ADNA's actions.  At two meetings, I have motioned
that non voting members (ie: registrars, including myself and Peter Gerrand)
should not be on the board, but this hasn't even appeared in the minutes.  I
believe that the requirements to become a registry should be minimal, and that
implementing shared registries in .AU 2LD's should be a first priority, before
any new 2LD's are created.

But as another board member has pointed out to me, I will have more of an effect
on these policies by remaining with ADNA than by quitting, or standing on the
outside throwing darts.

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