Re: DNS: delays

Re: DNS: delays

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:44:03 +1000
>I note that certain events that were specified to have had occured
>by now from the last adna board meeting dont seem to have happened.
>will the timetable as outlined be left to lapse to the detriment
>of the australian community?


In all honesty I see many similarities between ADNA and the IAHC.
Considering part of the name of the IAHC expands to "Ad Hock" one has to
seriously consider the mertis of an Ad Hock approach.

Our research shows that ADNA has decided to use the same protocols of the
IAHC by way of cost of applicaiton to become a Registrar and associated
fees and charges.

It also appears that ADAN has decided to "re-invent" the SRS wheel, in so
much as they have allocated $1,000,000 (I belive) for development of the

I would have through obtaining a licence to use the IAHC SRS would have
been more cost effective?  Or even better obtaining a licence from AHNET,
which has had SRS running now for a considerable time.

Still, I'm not content with the process of ADNA in much the same way I'm
not content with the process of the IAHC.  

Whatever happens it doesn't change the fact that Users still have a choice
and can CHOOSE to use AURSC or an alternate Root Server network.

Considering in September NSI won't have control of Root Servers, I can see
some pretty amazing changes coming to the Internet.  I can't reveal more,
but there are some exciting news bits along the path.

I'd not hold much to the ADNA process.  If it does eventually launch it
will be under a barage of legals that will hold it down pretty quick,
unless it intends obtaining legal indemnity from the Federal Government, to
whcih I ask "Who's the bigger Con Artist?"

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