DNS: Re: fasttraking competion

DNS: Re: fasttraking competion

From: James Austin <jea§rainer-group.com>
Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 10:46:04 +1000
I would also like to hear the boards response to this situation.

All this stuffing around with pr.au etc is doing nothing.

The real competition is required under .com.au and then you can introduce
other SLD's etc.

As stated by numerous other participants (Leni mayo even) ADNA has done
nothing but spend money, there has been "No delegation of authority from the
.au authority, Robert Elz."

Unless the above is achieved ADNA and the Domain name system in Australia
will stagnate and become the ass end of the world as everyone thinks AUST is

James Austin

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To: dns&#167;iia.net.au <dns§iia.net.au>
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Date: Tuesday, 5 May 1998 8:55
Subject: DNS: fasttraking competion

>its pretty clear to me from the public portion of the meeting and
>from private discussions with MIT that they have  no intention to
>precipitate competion other then by acknowledging that they cant stop it.
>I propose that the only way to get competition is to allow prospective
>DNAs to cofund the registry software as required. as is currently being
>demonstrated we can be having this discussion next year if we leave it up
>to the incumbant registrar.
>I am amazed to discover, and in retrospect probabl shouldnt due the
>nature of some of the participants, that many people involved in the
>dns system have absolutely no fundamental grasp of commercial reality.
>the current dns policies reflect this quite clearly. so if we can put aside
>the inane excuses about "fair" and "unfair" to the current registrars and
>get on with the process of bringing in competition the rest of australia
>will be better off.
>can we please have a response form the board on the issue of allowing
>porspective registrars funding the required software to bring on competion.
>It is my beleif that if we allow propespective registrars to cofund
>software we will have real competion within a month.
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