Re: DNS: Issues relating to

Re: DNS: Issues relating to

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 06 May 1998 08:54:52 +0800
Quoting vicc&#167;
| this is another example of  the people in dns not listening to its end users.
| take rejected by robert for not having a brn/acn, I am sure they
| would be frilled by the prospect of having

Perhaps you could elaborate on what "fila" is?

| when are you people going to start listening to your end users?

Why should be a free-for-all? Heck.. why not just abolish
classification all together and just be vicc&#167;, or even just

I personally don't understand what the point in having .net and
.com (or for that matter and distinctions, where
there _is_ no distinction between their policies. Similarly, 
it seems to me these gTLDs that are being proposed is just half a
dozen extra domains for a company to register to "secure" their
brand on the Internet. 

If you want a domain with no policies, perhaps * (imho, seems
better than if its to have no policy), but what's the advantage
of further diluting existing 2LDs, which for most cases cover the
different types of possible registrants quite well?

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