RE: DNS: Issues relating to

RE: DNS: Issues relating to

From: Peter Clark <pjcoz§>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 11:52:20 +1000
Indeed if they had any brains perhaps spending some of the money that
Melbourne.IT is now making, on this policy development and legislative
policy to keep themselves out of hot water. This is the usual technically
inclined attitude to the problem....we have to keep control to manage it
effectively. Unfortunately, the people in control have made little or no
headway in the past year with regard to policy in the Australian Domain Name

I would suggest that revenue streams directed to Melbourne IT now could have
been better spent and implemented a good policy at the time. This would
obviously be hand-in-hand with government to facilitate better legislation
on this issue which would keep the registrar's out of hot water.

At the moment it reeks as bad as the waterfront.

Who created this closed-shop environment in relation Melbourne.IT ?

Peter Clark

> fila is a large company, which spends millions on advertising
> within australia,
> sells millions $ worth of goods, but does not have an acn or brn
> nor any other
> magic australian number. they sell running shoes, watches
> clothing etc etc.
> why dont they want a magic australian number? because they own
> the trademark
> and they have a perfectly valid distribution chain. of course
> that doesnt seem
> to be good enough to have a web site in commercial australian
> domain. madness.
> the current policy have *killed* the market for
> international web hosting
> in australia. literaly thousands of companies could be interested
> pre olympics
> in mirroring in australia, except for the slight draw back that they cant
> get a commercial domain. then of course everyone complains there
> is no content
> in australia.
> why didnt the policy maker think about this? the only
> justification given by Robert
> Elz and MIT is that the current policy keeps the registrars out
> of court. surely
> a porperly constructed t&C would have a similar effect? why
> hogtie everyone else
> because of the phobia of the existing registrars.
> competitive registrars would no doubt not be so cowardly.
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