Re: Cassificationss and (was DNS: Issues relating to )

Re: Cassificationss and (was DNS: Issues relating to )

From: James Austin <jea§>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 15:11:25 +1000
>I personally don't understand what the point in having .net and
>.com (or for that matter and distinctions, where
>there _is_ no distinction between their policies. Similarly,
>it seems to me these gTLDs that are being proposed is just half a
>dozen extra domains for a company to register to "secure" their
>brand on the Internet.

With regard to .COM.AU and .NET.AU

.NET.AU should be for ISP and real net service provides nothing else..

.COM.AU should be for commercial interests only..

The should be first come first server similar to the ASC
registration of companies.

Certainly rules must apply, but clear cut rules.
Not GENERIC words, and yellow pages rubbish, but rules such as those used
for ASC rego's.

an eg:

to be granted DART.COM.AU you need to:
       _first_ be registered as anything DART ???????.
       _second_ be the first person to apply for the name.

Generally the rules for rego of a company should apply to the domain space
with additional criteria such as the One domain name in per
registered body.

I agree with the, as with this SLD a company can then register as many as they own product trademarks etc.

James Austin

    static char Company_Name[] = { "Rainer Group Pty. Ltd." };
    static char Address1[]           = { "PO Box 863" };
    static char Address2[]           = { "BAULKHAM HILLS NSW 2153" };
    static long int Phone              =    9894 1985;
    static long int Fax                  =    9894 1986;
    static char E-Mail[]                = { "jea&#167;" };
    static char WWW[]                = { "" };
    static long int ICQ                 =    6 747 848;
    return (0);
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