DNS: ID.AU domains (was: Issues relating to .pr.au)

DNS: ID.AU domains (was: Issues relating to .pr.au)

From: Rik Harris <Rik.Harris§fulcrum.com.au>
Date: Fri, 08 May 1998 19:46:25 +1000
Wed, 6 May 1998 GMT, Larry Bloch wrote:

> At 00:52 6/05/98 +1000, David Keegel wrote:
> >] On Tue, 5 May 1998 14:29:25 +1000, ? wrote:
> >] 
> >] This is definitely needed. Currently unless you are in business or are
> >] a recognised organization you can't get a domain name.
> >
> >If you are an individual, you can get a domain name.  http://www.id.au/
> To date there have been 11 .id.au names registered. Not exactly what the
> public wants...
> (http://www.bluetongue.com.au/domainnames/info.html)

Current stats are:

dropbear.id.au.               28
echidna.id.au.                13
emu.id.au.                    10
ironbark.id.au.                8
lorikeet.id.au.                0
redgum.id.au.                  0
wallaroo.id.au.                1
waratah.id.au.                 4
wattle.id.au.                122
wombat.id.au.                  3
TOTAL                        189

This is unique names in each domain, not counting www,ftp,localhost,mail.
Some id.au domains delegate with only NS records, some will also give
MXs or As.  It's up to the "owner" of each domain, and is described in
the domain policy.

As far as I know, the ID.AU domain has never been publicised (in fact,
rather the opposite).

I believe people will go for id.au domains as the ID.AU system becomes
known to the general public and as people begin to realise that an
email address in a domain named after an ISP can: a) be rather
ephemeral, due to ISPs going under and b) restrict the ability to move
between ISPs.

It also does depend on ISPs actually offering the possibility to their
customers, though.

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