Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

Re: DNS: Multiple Registrars in,,

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 23:26:37 +1000
>Geoff does not receive any money for looking after or
>In fact through AUNIC, Geoff (and/or his employer) are providing services 
>which are used for  (The equivalent in the USA is run by InterNIC,
>and presumably part of the US$35/year they charge for domain names covers
>maintenance of their whois database.)

Technically Telstra doesn't own AUNIC. (At least that's what the offical -
historic - line is/was.)  So AUNIC has nothing in theory to do with
Telstra, unless that has also changed and I haven't heard.

To which, this brings some very serious questions forward, that I think
shoudl be refered to the ACCC.  But lets assume Geoff is AUNIC in his spare
(??) time.

In this case, your mostly correct.  Geoff receives no financial reward or
contribution for this administration.

Much the same way the AVCC received no reward or financial contribution for
MUNNARI.OZ.AU and it's other hosted DNS servers, providing resolution for
the AU domain.

Perhaps - being that these servers are located in Melbourne Uni, and that
Melb Uni is in fact a major (was??) shareholder of MIT, there is some
consolidated revenue being returned, but this doesn't show at the AVCC book

>A more appropriate question about would be:
>	If it ain't broke, why try to "fix" it?

Because it needs someone - human - to administer it and make decisions at
the basis level about registrations.  Someone (probably Geoff) still hits
the "acknowledge" key to allow a registration to go through.

>Unless of course someone can point to a number of applicants who
>meet the criteria for and are having trouble (eg: long
>delays, spurious rejections) through no fault of their own.

Plenty of them.  And in reality it' no fault of Geoff's either.  It's just
that Geoff doesn't have the free time he use to, from both a professional
and personal perspective.

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