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Re: DNS: Prospective new domains ( & (

From: Rick Welykochy <rick§>
Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 21:45:54 +1000
vicc&#167; wrote:
> >_From: Rick Welykochy
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> >
> > Given the above, which isn't so hard to understand, and hardly
> > deserving of the draconian criticism seen on this and other lists,
> > I fail to comprehend why the AlterNIC'ers and others constantly
> > deride the rules. Has anyone seen the mess within .com?
> and what possible mess might you be refering to? 30 minute turnaround?
> no up front fees, etc?  user sget the names they prefer. I can see how
> keeping the end user happy is a mess. NOT.

I've seen nothing near to consensus on this list as to what the
administrators of and the proposed and TLDs
should do as far as entitling the registration of a domain name
within their respective spaces. 

Comments in this area have ranged from

- first come first served;


- assign numeric TLD's to allow multiple subdomains;


- require demonstrated right to the name.

(1) is currently administered using the last suggestion.
    .com is adminstered using the first suggestion.

(2) the USA is a battleground of domain-name "property"
    litigations, some going on for years now; I see no such
    tendency here in Australia

If I get the name I want in the .com domain, I could lose my
shirt over it ;) The policy goes a long way to avoiding
such conflicts, since its policies closely mirror those of
naming rights in business.

I've registered heaps of domains in both .com and,
and will agree that some of my clients prefer .com (usually
because of the 'international' identity and yes, the
open slather in that namespace), but in the long run, the
costs are about the same to our clients, and the waiting periods
minimal in either case.

Oh, have you ever tried to clean up a messed up .com domain ...
takes a long time to get a human to look into it for ya ;)

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