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RE: DNS: Prospective new domains ( & (

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 12:59:27 +1000
>>How is TM and PR going to stop people also registering the same name in COM
>>or NET?  Either as speculators or to protect their name?
>>Doesn't haveing yet another two SLD's cause the owners of these names and
>>marks a need to register in ALL FOUR SLD's?  
>Having more SLDs will make clear to the Trademark owners that in the DNS,
>just as in real life, they cannot stop others using a name.  As long as there

Sure, but what heppens then is Joes Domain Names goes off selling and
pushing "You must protect your name in my registry or I'll sell it to your
competitor" and then the same person gets a call from another party.

It's already happened. 

"Protect your name, register in" 

"Protect your name, you must register in, before we sell it to
someone else."

>are only a couple of gTLDs, .au SLDs etc, the Trademark holders will try and

The gTLD process is already ripping people off selling a product that
doens't exist and does by force push you int purchasing across all seven
TLD's. The more you pay the better chance you have of getting your name.

>get full control over names in the DNS.  Creating more gTLDs and .au SLDs
>be a long overdue cold shower for the Trademark owners.

Not at all.  In the USA, any form of dilution of a name is an infringement.
 That will probably only apply to US incidents, but I'm sure the AU parties
will start to use the US based arguments once more are shown true.

I'll post one of the most recent matters.  It's very interesting reading.

>>Or will registering in TM.AU automatically cause a release or reservation
>>of the name in all other SLD's?
>Nope.  They don't have a monopoly on a name outside the DNS.  They
>shouldn't get it within the DNS.

That could become very tricky.  What is stopping the Trademark holder who
really wants to protect his name, from registering: 

as the actualy trade mark, in say the category of Restauarants.

Then in the category plumbing by the plumber?

Now you have an immediate conflict again.

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