Re: DNS: DNS Governance

Re: DNS: DNS Governance

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 12:12:58 +1000
>> Rick, you mention 8 ISP's can you name them?
>Tangent (no wen response), iPax, Amaze, etc.

Well done.  What about the other 500 odd?

Incidently I'm not responsible to see that ISPs keep their URLs up to date.
 I'll check Tangents link during the next update, and if it's not working
will remove it.  Thanks for the report.  Although we have a FEEDBACK page
for that kind of thing :)

>> Last count I saw about 40 odd.  But of yours, I spose your ONE user (seems
>> your the only DOT.NET.AU I've ever seen, even to hit Blackstumps web site)
>> tends to indicate you are a self made, single user ISP.
>> Do you pay yourself $35 a month unlimited?
>Non sequiter.

That's right, nothing ever is to you.  <sigh>
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