Re: DNS: silence is golden

Re: DNS: silence is golden

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 13:24:48 +0900
I'll comment on the one below, which I've seen despite my kill filter and I
think is worthy of a response:

Assuming the following text was courtesy of Adam Todd:
>>Well lets see.  Thanks to Jeff Williams we loose Geoff Huston and I forget
>>who the other was.
>>And to me ... that's Kate and Simon Hacket.  (Gosh Simon, Kaul Aurbach will
>>be very dissapointed in you.)

Dear Mr Toad (oops, sorry),

(1) Spell my name right, and learn to TRY to spell and earn just another
tiny, tiny iota of respect from others, ok?

(2) You didn't even spell Karl's first OR second names correctly, and you
didn't respond to my last request to explain precisely why Karl is relevant
to you or your ideals so I don't expect you will this time either.  So how
about forgetting about this strange idea that these obtuse side comments do
anything useful whatsoever? 

Karl isn't my mother, and with respect, your unfounded assumption that he
will be disappointed with me has got nothing to do with anything other than
your apparent lack of social grace. Why don't you demonstrate the truth of
your convictions about Karl, if they are true, and invite him to drop me a
line privately to explain why your rantings on this mailing list are worthy
of further consideration. I can't see why for the life of me.

>>So the quality of discussion will slowly increase to something that will
>>actually come to conclusion.
>>Shame to loose Geoff H though.  Still, it was expected.

no, actually, everyone else will move to a new list and carry on a sensible
discussion there, without you. 

You'll be the only person left in the empty room. I look forward to it, but
I am disappointed that the spirit of open discussion which generally exists
in internet mailing lists of this sort doesn't make it easy to just remove
you instead. It would sure be simpler. You've been removed from other lists
in the past (making somewhat of a habit of scoring that honour, in fact),
and so perhaps, one day, the adminstrators of this one will exercise
statesmanship and remove you from this one.

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