DNS: Looking for DOT Contacts

DNS: Looking for DOT Contacts

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§unety.net>
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 07:59:53 -0500
Greetings from 0:196 (.MALL),

While waiting for the White Paper, I have been trying to fill in my "neighbor net"
view of the world for the .MALL Top Level Domain. I started by locating .MALL and
then by expanding the diameter of my view in each direction. I stopped when I
found some TLDs that I know have real people associatted with them who are
active in the Registry Industry. As the luck of the draw had it, Richard Sexton is
in seat 0:180 and Karl Denninger is in seat 0:212. If Richard and Karl were working
on a similar exercise then their neighbor net view would have overlap with mine and
we could consult if any disputes or questions arise about TLDs and certain seats.
NO CENTRAL COORDINATION IS REQUIRED. We have round tables of overlapping
round tables. People can decide how big to make their "neighborhood". In the future,
when the dust settles, I might choose to pull my view in. For example, I could limit
my view to .ORG (0:190) on one side and .COM (0:201) on the other. Note: The
seats 0:0 and 0:255 are adjacent.

0:180     ZOO  <------ VRx Net - Richard Sexton - richard&#167;sexton.com
0:181     VILLAGE
0:182     CORE  <---- POC ???, Robert Shaw (ITU) ???
0:183     CREDIT
0:184     DOT  <--------- ??????????????????????
0:185     PORN <---- Eugene Kashpureff ?, Jason Hendeles?, Marc Hurst ?
0:186     SHIRT
0:187     MILL
0:188     DISTRICT
0:189     METRO
0:190     ORG  <----- InterNIC - Jon Postel - postel&#167;isi.edu ?, Don Mitchell - dmitchel§nsf.gov
0:191     HUNT
0:192     GYM
0:193     PORNO  <---- Eugene Kashpureff ?, Jason Hendeles?, Marc Hurst ?
0:194     ADULT  <---- Eugene Kashpureff ?, Jason Hendeles?, Marc Hurst ?
0:195     WOVEN
0:196     MALL  <------ Unir Corporation - Jim Fleming - JimFleming&#167;unety.net
0:197     YARD
0:198     BAGEL
0:199     LTD  <------ ???? DOT Plc - David Rogers - djrogers&#167;enterprise.net ????
0:200     BAIL
0:201     COM  <------ InterNIC - Jon Postel - postel&#167;isi.edu ?, Don Mitchell - dmitchel§nsf.gov
0:202     ISLAND  <----- ??? Peter deBlanc - pdeblanc&#167;noc.usvi.net ???
0:203     ONLINE
0:204     AD <---- ??? Simon Higgs - simon&#167;higgs.com ???
0:205     BAKED
0:206     COUNTRY
0:207     DESIGN
0:208     BALE
0:209     DINING
0:210     LODGE
0:211     BALL
0:212     BIZ  <------------ MCS Net - Karl Denninger - karl&#167;mcs.net

Anyway...the reason for my note is that I am trying to locate some of the
people that claim rights to the TLDs in my neighbor net view for the .MALL TLD.
I will be researching 0:195 and 0:197 most closely. From there, I will work
outward to include the next 8 TLDs in each direction. As time permits I will
work out even further but I will limit my horizon to .ZOO 0:180 in one direction
and .BIZ 0:212 in the other direction.

If I find that after extensive research and after consulting with the other people
in this "neighbor net" (as I am doing here) that I can not locate people (trustees)
for some of the TLDs then I will mark those as "available" and make sure that
the G0 zone in the DNS gets updated with that information. For example, I am
not sure when .WOVEN (0:195) entered the picture. Since the list of IPv8 TLDs
was drawn from years of inputs and many different people and company's
views, it may be a TLD that did not make it so to speak. The neighbor net will
handle the garbage collection, just like in real life with land, etc. People clean
up the vacant lots between their properties.

In these efforts, I am willing to work with people to fill in the G0 picture. That
comprises 256 TLDs, so it should not be too difficult if people handle portions
of that space. TLD "seats" that are marked "available" can become candidates
for new people to get involved in the Registry Industry by selecting a NEW TLD
and by proposing a seat that they would like. Again, this is like walking into
an auditorium and asking..."Is that seat taken ?"

Similar efforts like this are going on for G3 and G6. This should not be surprising
because that is where people have been active in the Registry Industry. It will
take time for the complete picture of this "virtual auditorium" takes shape. As the
picture unfolds, I hope that I can focus on my neighborhood around 0:196 .MALL
with the knowledge that other people are doing the same in their neighborhoods.
With only 8 major areas, G0-G7, we can all work independently and then send
delegates to coordinate the entire picture when that is needed. Those delegates
will arise from the leadership shown in the various regions and hopefully not
from people outside of the process that have nothing to do with the Registry

Thanks for your time...

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation - http://www.unir.net/IPv8
IPv8 - Designed for the Rest of the Human Race
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