Re: DNS: RE: [Fwd: NOTICE: .cc domain registrations]

Re: DNS: RE: [Fwd: NOTICE: .cc domain registrations]

From: Jean-Christophe Praud <jc.praud§>
Date: Sun, 31 May 1998 19:03:53 +0200
In the case of .TM, it seems Turkmenistan government changed its mind,
first delegating its ccTLD to a private foreign company, then stoping
because some .TM SLDs offended religious people.

Hope the White Paper will clarify such issues...

Governments still have to set up the rules, and respect them.

Talking with "neighbors" is the best way to avoid clashes and bring
changes of rules more smoothly.

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Jim Fleming wrote:
> On Sunday, May 31, 1998 9:41 AM, Jean-Christophe Praud[SMTP:jc.praud&#167;] wrote:
> &#167;well... It seems .TM is over for the moment.
> &#167;The problem with govs is you can't trust them...
> &#167;
> &#167;
> &#167;
> I am not sure that governments are the real problem.
> The problem may be that "governments" have not been
> informed about what is going on. When they find out,
> they are not happy and the local people are not happy...
> This could be like someone driving around in a car that
> just happens to "look" like a police car. When asked about
> where the person obtained the permission to decorate
> their car in that manner, they might claim..."the IANA".
> When asked where the IANA obtained that authority,
> the answer might be...the U.S. Government of course...
> that seems to make everything third-world***
> Internet countries people have not bothered to ask,
> "who is the IANA ?".
> It is OK until people now claim that the IANA has no
> U.S. Government relationship...once people start down
> that slippery slope then the questions eventually get
> asked about where the authority came from...for some
> of the 2-letter TLD delegates...they have no answer...
> this is not a good situation...
> The U.S. Government is the only body able to fix this.
> Hopefully, they will start doing this in a matter of days.
> Jim Fleming
> *** There are many third-world Internet countries that are
> not considered third-world in non-cyberspace activities.
> There are also some third-world countries that are top
> notch in terms of Internet. Some government officials do
> not seem to understand this.
> Jim Fleming
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