Re: [DNS] New DNS list start and name

Re: [DNS] New DNS list start and name

From: George Michaelson <ggm§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:55:33 +1000
I'm not interested in the witch-hunt much, the timewasters have self-immolated
but I am wanting to know this list is likely to get to critical mass.  so:

	+ is KRE on it, or going to be soon?
	+ is NOIE on it, or going to be soon?
	+ are 'critical stakeholders' involved? (and who are they)

Its pretty clear that ADNA is not 'it' right now. However, the current
activity has had some useful outcomes (well..) and we need to leverage
off them.  Kate has tried to re-iterate that there is a time-limit, and
a very nasty threat if we don't get something worked out: Government is
going to wash its hands of the whole mess. I'm skeptical that when push comes
to shove, they would be that stupid. If Tuvalu claimed 'ownership' of .AU I
think we'd see a fed a-g act a bit snappily to protect the core IP :-)

But lets take KRE's challange at face value. Its time to work out what will
be an acceptable framework for transition of responsibility, and push it.

Waiting for the ref to blow the whistle...


PS can people PLEASE check header. we've had 2x postings already in some
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