Re: [DNS] the first step

Re: [DNS] the first step

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 10:00:04 +0930
That one post, of one paragraph, would be one post, and one paragraph, too
many, in my view :)

That person has exceeded his lifetime supply of keystrokes. All the 'new'
ones are just recycled old ones.

Remember, this is the very person who has forced everyone else that cares
about DNS issues to take a personal decision to leave the 'room' that he is
in, in the name of being able to continue a rational discussion at all.  

This is a 'first' in my experience in internet mailing lists, an ultimate
expression of freedom of choice without censorship, where someone's conduct
is so consistently bad that we've all vountarily decided to move away from
that individual's noise source. So no-one is muzzling him, we just are
choosing not to let him into this new place, the new DNS list - where we
all signed up knowing the rules up front, including "no Adam Todd" 

No-one is stopping people remaining on the old list and listening to Adam
there, and I think that our collective vote, in moving away from the old
list largely to avoid him, needs to be respected. I would be fascinated in
two weeks to see who is left on the old list. That constitutes an example
of a voting process, in itself- with people voting with their feet.


At 09:56 24/06/98 +1000, Gary R Oliver wrote:
>If Adam is to be admitted to the list I would want him limited to one post,
>of one paragraph, a week; otherwise I am satisified with the current
>Warm regards
>Status: 130 subscribers. Web archive nearly ready to roll...
>Email "unsubscribe" to dns-request&#167; to be removed.

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