Re: [DNS] List members

Re: [DNS] List members

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 18:02:31 +0930
Perhaps we could actually add a one or two liner to the auto-trailer from
the mailing list software to that effect? e.g.:

Messages in this list constitute a private discussion between list members,
and any
publication beyond this forum requires the explicit written assent of the
content author.

Would that nail it? 

... Simon

At 18:08 24/06/98 +1000, Antony wrote:
>Michael (and all)
>Could we have an addition to the "Rules" of this list which iterates what
>George has suggested?
>That is, this is a working forum and that anybody (especially journolists)
>wishing to use the material published here outside of this forum must seek
>the direct permission from all people involved in the thread.
>I welcome journolists being on the list, but as George said, if anyone is
>suspicious about comments made here being repeated elsewhere without
>permission, then we could be stiffling some important discussions and
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