Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

From: Ron Ipsen <ron§>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:42:02 +1000
I personally would rather not see _any_ negative attacks on this list.

I would like to get down to work please.

 Are we only talking about this would seem to be infered in an
earlier post today.

 I would rather that the topics covered be more concerned with the whole of
the au namespace.

I would also prefer that initially they be concerned with some manner by
which a body can be created, that will be authoritative enough for me to ask
real questions of.

 A body that I can go to and ask "can we do this for the development of our
namespace and its people?"

A body that understands the responsibility that comes with the authority and
is willing to work towards the betterment of its ward.

 How do we best go about this?


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