Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

Re: [DNS] Progress so far.

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 1998 16:13:29 +1000
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At 15:54 25/06/98 +1000, you wrote:
>At 15:06 +1000 25/6/98, Larry Bloch wrote:
>>Can it be taken that this forum is tasked with debating all issues relating
>>to management of the entire .AU space and that part of this is determining
>>a body to action this lists wishes?
>I'm starting to feel that competition in .COM.AU will probably take care
>of itself. Once there are a few potential competitors with a bit of clout,
>they'll call in the ACCC.
>While it can be said "it's technically impossible to have competition", it
>would be futile to call in the ACCC. However, as soon as shared registry
>software is available, I would expect some action in this area.

I am opposed to a shared registry system. I don't believe that this is the
wayto go because in the end what you have is a CORE style organisation in
the middle.

The whole point of the NOMINET model is that the central function becomes a
purely technical service with a minimal cost associated, and essentially
ANY company or individual has equal access to that technical function.

So rather than having:

Level 1: COM.AU-CORE   at the centre
Level 2: Limited competing COM.AU registrars using this COM.AU-CORE service
Level 3: ISP's using the competing COM.AU Registrars
Level 4: End buyers

you have in the NOMINET model

Level 2: Any ISP wanting to be a COM.AU registrar
Level 3: End Buyers

Its fewer levels and more efficient and more competitive.

>I think the timeline for this forum to hammer out some consensus should take
>this into account, and we should aim to have a .AU oversight body established
>and recognized by the time .COM.AU starts to blow up :)
> ...Richard.
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