DNS: [apnic-talk] Re: Funny. The White Paper confirms most speculations!

DNS: [apnic-talk] Re: Funny. The White Paper confirms most speculations!

From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1§ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 08:37:39 +0100
Adam and all,

Adam Todd wrote:

> I made some comments a few weeks back about the new IANA Inc and what it's
> responsibilites might include.
> Well it appears that, although I was harrassed and bagged for saying many
> of the things, you shoudl be aware of the following:
>  - IP addresses and Domain Names WILL BE managed by the new organisation.
>    This could involve organisaiotns like APNIC actually PAYING for
>    management and allocation to the US Organisation.
>  - A suggestion that seperate NAME and NUMBER councils be established to
>    ensure some kind of speration.  The recommendations would then be sent
>    to the board of directors.
>  - The Whitepaper clearing indicates that NO GOVERNMENT BODY, or international
>    organisation (UN, ITU etc) will be significant in the new Corporation.
>    However it does clearly indicate that National Governments can and should
>    take full responsibility for the administration and management of their
>    allocated ccTLD.
>  - The new corporation will be headed in the USA, only because there are
>    "significantly more DNS expertise in the United States."
>  - The Green Paper proposed a 15-member Board, consisting of three
>    representatives of regional number registries, two members designated
>    by the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), two members representing
>    domain name registries and domain name registrars, seven members
>    representing Internet users, and the Chief Executive Officer of the
>    new corporation.   The recommendation is that the "two User Seats" be used
>    "thoughtfully" to represent all the other people in the world, including
>    the countries connected to the Internet.  (Who are you going to vote for?)
>  - The UGS will not impliment any new gTLD's.  (This is no surprise.)
>  - Funding will come from Regional Registries (.AU is a regional Registry
>    be definition of the White Paper) and Number Assignment ORgs (APNIC)
>  - IANA staff will make the transition to the new Corporation.  (Guess
>    this means we'll need to start paying these people wages.  What $5
>    a name or address block per year?  Maybe more??)
> There is a little more, to do with Trade Mark owners and disputes, but
> overall certainly no real surpises.  Most of my speculations were on the
> mark.  Even the Interim Board Members and it's "Term Period" was pretty close.
> I certainly wasn't wrong about IANA being turned into the new Corp (Sorry
> David, Fleming was also on the mark here.
> If anyone has any questions regarding this, please respond to me IN PRIVATE
> by email to mailto:dns&#167;ah.net , if you would like to read the Whitepaper
> itself, I can forward the URL, although there are plenty of news worthy
> reports as listed below:

  A little gloating huh?  >;)  Well I don't blame you!  I am quite pleased with
most of the results and stipulations from the White Paper myself, as you
pointed out in brief here.  Nicely done as well Adam.  I am sure that APNIC and
many regional ISP's will have mixed feelings, but that is to be expected.

  Though there are some areas that we are still concerned about with respect to
the "Board members seats" they are not all that serious.  Most importantly
the IANA (Current version), will not have a strangle hold one the DNS system
but will have an advisory capacity, which is appreciate under the circumstances.

  In addition as you pointed out, many of the things that we worked so hard for
behind the scenes and before the GP even came out were embodied as well.
Looks like allot of your and my detractors now have egg on their face!  >;)

  Let me also gloat a bit as well!  To the DAVE CROCKERS, PATRICK GREENWELLS,
CRAIG SIMONS, KENT CRISPINS, ect  of the DNS debates,  HA HA HA, you
lost, and badly I might add!!!!

  Ok so much for the gloating.

  In an earlier post, I indicated that we will be posting to the NTIA and the
E-Mail list an official response in detail on all aspects of the White Paper.  We
will be making suggestions as to how,who and under what method "Board Members"
are or should be selected, which was not spelled out very well in the WHite Paper,

and a very important area for the future of the DNS and IP address allocation
systems.  But at least Jon Postal or Don Heath will not be getting the top seat!

> Date:         Fri, 5 Jun 1998 18:58:34 -0800
> From: Ellen Rony <erony&#167;MARIN.K12.CA.US>
> Subject:      Early media response to White Paper
> Domain white paper comes up short (C/Net - June 5, 1998) -
> http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,22869,00.html
> Domain.Name: White House backs off (ZDNet - June 5, 1998) -
> http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/special/domain.html
> Proposed federal rules leave many issues unresolved (MSNBC - June 5, 1998) -
> http://www.msnbc.com/news/170728.asp
> Fed domain plan defers decisions (C/Net - June 5, 1998) -
> http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,22854,00.html
> Magaziner: Domain consensus possible (C/Net - June 5, 1998 -
> http://www.news.com/News/Item/0,4,22879,00.html
> Links to these selected news articles have been set up at
> domainhandbook.com/news.html
> Enjoy people.  Now the USG has made it's statement and thanks to certain
> people egging the Minister for Telecommunications to get involved, (there
> is a published response to the AU Submission - I'd say it's not exactly
> "flattering") we might see AU being governmentally controlled after all.
> Oh - and what about the CORE and it's members?  We'll I've been informed
> that about 20 members have asked for their $10,000 to be refunded, not to
> mention their $2,000 a month since November last year.  I speculated in
> Jnuary that this might in fact have been funds received or collected with
> intent to defraud.  I'm waiting to hear if anyone will take action.
> I'd love to know if Melbourne IT will be asking for their $10,000 refund.
> I spose Capital Networks in Canberra, Moniker and namedhost will also be,
> eventually looking for their refunds too.
> Ouch, $10K on a game of russian roulette.  I'd have put my $10K into CORE
> if it had operational servers - like "that other group" some of you have me
> talking about.
> Anyway as this is an official position statement for the beneift of
> Australian ISP's, and I'm sure only one of many opinons, (if you see any,
> can you ensure the writers send me their comments directly, I'd hate to
> miss something,) you will find my FULL sig below and of course that
> "organisation's" URL that some of you just love to hate.
> Onward with Domain Name competition.  And to those people who have been
> writing to me about establishing a Free TLD, lets get cracking.  Now is a
> PERFECT time!
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