DNS: Perfomance Drive Day at ORAN PARK race way

DNS: Perfomance Drive Day at ORAN PARK race way

From: James Austin <jea§rainer-group.com>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 17:18:59 +1000

So youve got yourself a HSV Commodore, WRX, Honda or Porsche or any other
car for that mater, and you want to be a race driver. (or think you can)

This is an invitation to ALL ISP and their employees who wish to attend an
exclusive Corporate Drive day on the main circuit at ORAN PARK (SYDNEY).

The day is Fully catered with Morning tea, Lunch and afternoon as well as
champagne trophy presentation.

You will be given 1 to 1 tuition by experianced RACE drivers you will learn
Car control, Skid control as well as other performance driving skills not to
mention the HOT laps of ORAN PARK.

The cost for the day is $280.00 per person
a maximum of 20 people can attend (spectators welcome)
You'll need- CAR, Helmet (and you brain)

Dates avaliable are as follows:-

JULY		- Tuesday 14th
		- Monday 20th *
AUGUST	- Wednesday 12th
		- Monday 17th *

* Prefered dates.

The day will be on LONG remembered.

Please email me for further details or to confirm your place booking.

James Austin

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