DNS: RE: US White Paper

DNS: RE: US White Paper

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§unety.net>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 22:03:06 -0500
On Monday, June 08, 1998 9:13 PM, Leni Mayo[SMTP:leni&#167;moniker.net] wrote:
&#167;The US White Paper is at:
&#167;The notable thing is that the document is a statement of policy and
&#167;does not have the force and effect of law.  In this sense the
&#167;international community can be relieved, for the US administration to
&#167;assert real authority over these issues would raise serious concerns.

In my opinion, the U.S. Government is now out of the loop.

	See the NEW web site <http://www.iana.org>


> Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:30:09 -0500
> To: ip-sub-1&#167;majordomo.pobox.com
> From: Dave Farber <farber&#167;cis.upenn.edu>
> Subject: IP: itag announcement
> The Chair of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), Brian Carpenter,
> and the Director of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA),
> Jon Postel, jointly announce the formation of the "IANA Transition
> Advisors Group" (ITAG).
> The ITAG will serve as a set of senior advisors to the IANA during the
> transition to a new organization with formal status as a non-profit
> corporation with a board of directors.  This group will cease to exist
> when the board of directors of the new organization has its first
> meeting.  The members of the ITAG have declared themselves as not
> candidates for the initial IANA board.
> The ITAG will consist of 6 members.  The initial members(*) are:
>         Randy Bush      - Verio
>         Brian Carpenter - IBM UK
>         Dave Farber     - U Penn
>         Geoff Huston    - Telstra
>         John Klensin    - MCI
>         Steve Wolff     - Cisco
> * organization affiliation for identification purposes only.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

&#167;What isn't spelled out is the actual nature of the powers that are
&#167;being asserted through the transition period.  IANA's authority comes
&#167;from below, not from the meagre funding provided through the DARPA

The IPv4 address space is one of many. It is good to finally
have an organization being formed to help manage it properly.
Now we can move on with plans for a larger Internet with more
resources for everyone.

&#167;On the one hand the White Paper implies that it is just convenience
&#167;that the new corporation is housed in the US.  On the other, there's
&#167;some sense of a unique relationship between the US Government and the
&#167;new IANA.  The tension between these two positions isn't reconciled or

In my opinion, it is a marketing issue that the headquarters
for the IANA Inc. is in the U.S. Again, check out the new web
site for more on that.

&#167;The administration has delayed dealing with both .us and NSI for as
&#167;long as possible, two issues that are very clearly a US

They are now the responsibility of the the Internet community
and Jon Postel. Jon was/is a subcontractor to NSI. I have a
feeling that NSI will easily inherit .COM/.NET/.ORG at this point.
CORE will probably be allowed to select 2 or 3 TLDs to add to
Switzerland's .CH TLD. The other Country Code TLDs will also
apparently be allowed to select 2 generic TLDs to add to their
existing registry. This will help to increase the TLDs to over
800 in number, if all of the countries participate.

Don Heath was quoted in the New York Times saying he expects
thousands of TLDs to emerge. I hope he is right. We just want to
track the top 2,048.

&#167;Lots of other points of interest that others have covered well on this
&#167;list.  A couple more:
&#167;* still no elucidation on what they didn't like about the IAHC
&#167;* the promotion of payment *before* registration as a mechanism
&#167;   for discouraging cybersquatting.
&#167;* the technique of installing an interim board to get the process
&#167;  with the intention that these folks are there to do the
&#167;  before passing the baton.

Yes, there are many points, but the main point is that it is over...!!!

Jim Fleming
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