DNS: Re: PAB nIANA facts

DNS: Re: PAB nIANA facts

From: Jeff Williams <jwkckid1§ix.netcom.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 02:23:15 +0100
Jim and all,

Jim Fleming wrote:

> On Tuesday, June 09, 1998 5:59 PM, Jeff Williams[SMTP:jwkckid1&#167;ix.netcom.com] wrote:@
> &#167;Toru Takahashi wrote:
> <snip>
> &#167;>
> &#167;> We have to have strategy to join "New IANA" and build new order for the Internet
> &#167;> self-governance.
> &#167;
> &#167;  Oh really?  Interesting.  When does the "WE" intend to publish such a plan?  What
> &#167;involvement does this "WE" have to do with the new non-profit corporation outlined
> &#167;in the White Paper?  Please enlighten us all!  >;)
> &#167;
> Jeff,
> If you recall, Toru Takahashi was responsible for censoring my comments
> on the APNIC mail lists.

  Yes I am.  And that action seemed unjustifiable to say the least.

> APNIC is moving from Japan to Australia. People assure me that things
> will change once the move is complete.

  I am sure that they will.

> By the way...The new IANA web site <http://www.iana.org> does not seem
> to mention the ITU/ISOC/IAHC/PAB/POC/CORE plan. I have suggested that
> Jon Postel add the CORE TLDs to the legacy Root Name Servers but he
> has not done that. He apparently no longer supports that plan.

  I have no idea whether Jon supports the IAHC process at this juncture.
However his signature is still on the MoU documents and he has posted nor
stated publicly to my knowledge the withdrawal his support.

> Things are changing all over the Internet, for the better.

  It seems so in some areas, yes.  It also seems as though there is allot
of positioning coming from many sectors.  Namely the IANA and the ISOC,
thus far.

> Jim Fleming
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