Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: <vicc§>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 00:18:24 +1000 (EST)
>_From: Clive
>  to
> see you do the following=20
> a.      Ensure that NONE of your current or future resellers repeat this.
> b.      Ensure that your resellers are trained to provide the FACTS to the
> consumers. Such as  =20
> =B7 is a Privately owned Domain name=20 is privately owned domain, that currently exists as a
purely commercial venture.  by all means explain to us where the money
goes from sales?

> =B7       it is NOT a recognized country level domain =20

since when is a country?

> =B7       it is not an accepted country code as is =20

what country is
do I need a passport to go there?

> =B7       Net registry is not recognized by the existing Internet community
> as an
> official Registrar=20

who is this community that recognises registrars? is it robert elz?

> =B7       they are buying a 3rd level domain name from a Privately owned=
>  Domain
> name in contrast to which is currently administered by Melbourne IT
> under the aegis of the .au registrar hence providing legitimacy and=
>  longevity=20
> =B7       etc

so with legitimacy you justify extorsion.

> c.      Most importantly, to ensure that ALL the people that got duped into
> buying domain names from Australia & New Zealand Domain Name Registry as a
> result of this fax campaign get =20
> =B7       a letter of explanation and apology=20
> =B7       a FULL refund from Net Registry.
> I trust that this will not occur again.
> Clive Flory
> General Manager
> Internet Names Australia

your words are completly empty and meanignless since you do nothing
but pay lip service to the idea of competion with

an enourmous number of people get duped into paying for domains
thinking you are some sort of government body, when you are nothing
but a commercial venture like will you refund these people?
will you refund those people who cant get the domain they want but
are forced to accept poor subsitutes?

the entire process of dns in this country stinks. perhaps robert elz
should pull his finger out and start paying attention to what the public
expect, rather then continuing to line the pockets of his melbourne uni mates.


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