Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 17:18:42 +1000
>>PLenty of answers, I'm really getting borded of repeating myself.
>.. repeating yourself without answering the question?  yep -- i'd get
>pretty bored of that too.

Well if your getting the same answer to the same question, perhaps you need
to word your question differently.

>>And you base this on what?  Your desire to mislead the public and this list?
>err, i base it on looking at the caching nameservers of some of the largest
>ISPs in this country?  please inform me of the error-of-my-ways, as far as
>the methodology chosen?

Funny, I don't know too many people that actually use the majority of these
caching servers.  Most people do at first but they get slow and painful.
Anyway Rick doesn't use ANY CACHING SERVER!  All his users use his sole

>me misleading?  surely you jest ..  nope, its quite sad.  i'm sure you're

You are misleading when you speak about AURSC.  You haven't tried it, you
just seem to bag it.  Guess some people just like to whinge.  You are a
perfect example of a person who complains and make accusations but has no
facts to base them on.  

Quite sad indeed.  Sadly typical of Australian business people who have no

>>Again, you are making comments based on your personal feelings and
>>inability to follow simple instructions.
>please enlighten me as to what my 'inability to follow simple instructions'
>is?  do i have to construct a nameserver query in some 'IPv8' manner?

Now your trying to be a smart arse prick.  (Sorry I forgot you already
are.)  You were discussing AURSC, not IPv8.  Please stick to one or the
other.  Do not mix both into the same disussion.

>>I am so tempted to post the damn users list, but considering I'd be in
>>breach of my agreements, and the list of users is confidential, I won't.
>how convenient.

You dump me your user base with contact details and I'll dump you mine.  I
can assure you I'll contact every single one of them asking for references.
 I wonder how many might get sus?  Maybe I'll just create a posting of all
the pathetic innane and ridiculous statements you've made and send them to
your clients also.  <sigh>

>>However if you join AURSC and use it, you will no doubt join the AURSC mail
>>list for Members and thus will receive your own personal copy of such
>.. and, pray-tell, why would i want to decrease the number of
>from (currently) 13, located at in excess of 10 locations, down to *3*,

There you go again.  Limited with the amount of knowledge you have.

>located off two (seemingly not-particularly-well-connected) links?

Now that's a worry.  I guess the same reason you use the "seemingly
not-particularly-well-connected) telstra caching servers.

Oh or are they suddenly well connected, and if so, why is there a difference?

>oh, you'll want me to back up that with some facts?

Yes, of course.  Please do.

>>Can you PING the AURSC servers.  If so you have 100% Visibility to the
>>AURSC resources. 
>yeah, but i'll leave it up to your imagination as to the packet loss . . 

Your telling me Telstra are not delivering the service they are contracted
to.  Well this I'd like to see.  Please - yet again - put up the "losss"
stats you seem so proud of.

>have a nice day.

Oh I will. Very soon, I'll have a most enjoyable day.
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