Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 17:03:38 +1000
>> So Clive, you do INFORM the clients that INA/MIT  (gosh bit like
>> NSI/WorldNic innit!) don't actually pay the AVCC for hosting COM.AU?
>> In fact MIT as far as public knowledge goes, doesn't pay anyone for the
>> hosting services of COM.AU names.
>is this true?

OH SHEESH!  Vic, I thought you knew this?  You didn't think MIT paid
anything to anyone did you?

Last I heard from the Secretariet of the AVCC was that they were
reconsidering their position in relation to providing COMMERCIAL access to
their DNS Servers in that it costs them money to which they do not recover
- except by way of Grants form the AU Government for Misc Technology matters.

UniMelb hosts two of the servers and thus is paying for at leasy 45% of
COM.AU and NET.AU resolution.

This is one time where Connect.Com.Au are actually DOING something in
relation to the Australian Internet Community because they too are not paid
by MIT for hosting their 1/7th of the AU DNS space.  (From memory NET.AU of
course, COM.AU and ORG.AU, I think they also secondary for EDU.AU.)

That's one reason I don't harass CCA "too" much over thei sale of NET.AU
name space, because technically we get it back in DNS Services anyway.  But
I don't agree to their changing policy frequently.

See I can be a very nice person sometimes.

MIT are not responsible for the COM.AU zone file - at least last time I was
informed.  If this has changed, then I'm open to be educated, with the
approriate evidence of course.

Oh and before anyone whinge about me using the UniMel Hosted servers, I
don't :)  I have NO COM.AU domain names.  So I'm not feeling guilty at all.

AT least NSI host a Root Server and manage the Zone File.

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