Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:14:17 +1000
>     this is silly
>   Let's move back up one level in the hierarchy.
>         is our root domain for our company
>   Once again, onselling domains in this domain is
>   a bit naf. e.g.
>       not too portable! if tieshop
>                            moves to OzEmail, they are screwed

Why, you can redelegate it, no problems.

tieshop	IN	NS

Do I have to teach you how to eat too?

>   BTW: You see a lot of the above nonsense happening on the
>   Internet, but strangely, only in the commercial areas ;-)

Yes, because silly ISP's haven't a lue how to do things to the advantage of
the customer.  :(

>   If there is a fast buck to be made ... that doesn't give the
>   product or technique any more validity.

Take the BUCK out first.  

>   Finally, moving back up the hierarchy once more, we arrive
>   at the 2LD managed by
>              fine ... delegate subdomains and have fun!
>   This is because is INTENDED and SANCTION for this
>   purpose.

No it's not.  It ws intended to be used by Network Providers to identify
internal resources.    How the policy has changed - contrary to Simons

>Thus, it is simplistic and glib to say the entire DNS particpates
>in this hierarchical process and thus all delegations at
>any level have equal validity. There are semantics and rules
>to each level in the DNS ... it is not an unamanged open slather.

Yes, your correct.  There are rules at each level, created by the
INDIVIDUAL (Sinom Hacketts words) desire to make profit or stop competition.

Fairly clear really.

I'd swear I've seen all these arguements before.

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