Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

Re: DNS: Can we do something about noise on this list

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 12:38:21 +1000
>Some people on this list reply (with good intentions) to this rubbish
>to correct mistakes.  This makes sense if
>  (a) you care about educating the author, or
>  (b) you think other people will take the author seriously

I guess that's why I have to reply to much of Lincoln and Ricks Hog Wash.
They are clearly far less educated and keep quoting "evidence" and "facts"
that they have never shown.

The Reads of their postings, might actually believe their comments.  So the
loop commences, and for some reason some people seem to think I (the one
single individual) person is the bad guy, against two or more people who
still can't produce their "evidence" or "facts".

Kim is in fact the only person who has been able to produce some level of
inforamtion, in relation to AURSC users, but clearly lacks the
understanding that ISPs have more than one machine, ofetn more than one DNS
server and frequently keep a DNS server for all HOSTing and another for

This is VERY IMPORTANT to remember.

Taking Geoffs comments from some months ago about using the Telstra DNS
Host for forwarding as a NO NO.  Geoff was pretty strong to he ISP's that
the HOSTING server was NOT configured as a FORWARDER and to use another

At least Geoff has an understanding of the topology.
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