Re: DNS: Let Kim Speak...

Re: DNS: Let Kim Speak...

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 14:45:16 +0800
Quoting Jim Fleming:
| &#167;sidenote.. Six months ago I was quite happy for you to talk about AURSC and 
| &#167;float your ideas, but after months and months of your endless invective and 
| &#167;dribble it really becomes hard for someone not to grow to hate you. I really
| &#167;do hope you see that if your aim here is to rally support for your cause -
| &#167;that you're really going 180 degrees to your intended course.
| What topics would YOU like to talk about ?

Err, not the same AURSC v. everyone topic again, and again, and again, and
again. Please?

| Adam is clearly off working on some leading edge projects. I am not
| sure why he wastes his time going back and forth here. 

That's a question we all ask ourselves.

| Maybe Adam's project has not yet developed to the magnitude and .....

I've never once slammed or criticised AURSC or any of the alternate
DNS initiative - merely these strange methods of promotion utilised by
Adam and others to legitimise them. My recent post was a reflection on
claims made regarding the extent of people who can see AURSC domains - 
and was an objective post of my experiments. 

Where did I ever say I did not support Adam's project (*) - huh?

Believe it or not, I posted a constructive _suggestion_ to this list on
how to promote AURSC a few months ago. 

In fact - here is another suggestion. If Adam feels concerned about
client confidentiality to release a list of ISPs that are configured
to resolve AURSC domains - I will happily list their AURSC membership
on the ISP List website. He can feel free to get any or all of them to
email me and I will make a public list of them. Those that do not wish 
to say they do don't have to, those that do can advertise it as a benefit 
of membership.  

You're not going to 'win' if you keep debating with people who obviously
have staunchly inverse opinions to you - especially when you make
claims people just don't believe. Why try?


(*) That's not to say I do support it either. The jury is still out. 
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