DNS: AURSC Services it's first week of a MILLION REQUESTS

DNS: AURSC Services it's first week of a MILLION REQUESTS

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 09:12:22 +1000
This week marks the first week where TLD requests to the AURSC Root Servers
individually peaked 1,000,000 requests!

It's hard to imagine exactly how many requests a MILLION is.

There are currently about 300 TLD's in the Legacy Root Servers.  Under
AURSC, ISPs only need to query for this data once every week, or when no
resolution to a question occurs.

Considering most people don't query all 300 TLD's you need to carefully
round this down to a sensible number.  To date the average Unique TLD
requests seem to number around 25.

1 Million divided by 20 gives you approximately 40,000 servers making
queries at the TLD level.

There are multiple servers, so the fact that just ONE AURSC server tells us
1,000,000 requests have been made on an average of 25 requests per remote
server, the number of DNS servers using AURSC starts to look quite large.

Even at a full TLD request of 300 per remote, it does bring the 40,000 down
to a more managable number of 3333 servers requesting data.

I'm happy either way and so are the users of AURSC, so why not find out how
you too can be a part of this amazing growth and start to find out about
more of the hidden internet, you just won't find any other way!

See http://www.aursc.ah.net for details or see http://www.irsc.ah.net for
International Root Server Confederation information!

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