DNS: Re: Is IANA Setting NSI's Policies on Who Should Pay for Domain Names ?

DNS: Re: Is IANA Setting NSI's Policies on Who Should Pay for Domain Names ?

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 13:00:02 +1000
>How can the IANA (aka Jon Postel) be making the decision
>on who should pay an InterNIC invoice and who should not ?

>How does this impact the money that is supposed to go to the
>NSF (i.e. the U.S. Government) as part of the 30% fund ? Did
>the NSF approve that certain invoices could be "ignored" ?

This also raises the question about administration of such ccTLD domains.

If the ccTLD is suppose to be used to represent a country under the
definition of ISO 3166, and no fee is to be charged for these allocations,
why so then are commercial entities permitted to sell the subdomains for
use outside of the allocated country for profit, which inevitabley is NOT
returned to the country with a claim on the ccTLD.

Why are some ccTLD's used for commercial benefit, permitted, whilst TLDs
clearly indicating commercial benefit are not permitted to be created.

Sounds like double standards to me.

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