DNS: Who is asking the questions?

DNS: Who is asking the questions?

From: Dominic Main <dmain§netregistry.au.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 17:19:12 +1000
To Jim Fleming:

We have all noticed numerous postings by you to this list.

May I ask:
1. Who you are?
2. Where you are?
3. What is your interest in the .AU namespace?

Just so as you know the question is fair:

My name is Larry Bloch, I'm CEO of NetRegistry Pty Ltd, based in Sydney,
which is a domain registration specialist probably best known for
registrations of domain names of the form xxx.au.com i.e: third level
registrations of names under the .au.com domain which is privately owned.
However, I am interested in this list for both my company's involvement in
.au.com which I think is relevant to this list (some may disagree), but
also because we are stakeholders in the .AU namespace which accounts for
almost half of our registations on a day by day basis.

I ask this question because as you are prolific poster to this list, it is
of interest (at least to me) why you should be so prolific.

Dominic Main                             email:  dmain&#167;netregistry.au.com
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NetRegistry Pty Limited                  Fax:    +61-(0)2-9555 5808

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