Re: DNS: Let me get this straight...AU is ONE person ?

Re: DNS: Let me get this straight...AU is ONE person ?

From: Scott Howard <scott§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:18:55 +1000
On Mon, Jun 22, 1998 at 07:50:45PM +0200, Jean-Christophe Praud wrote:
> > The .AU domain contains about 1 host and 11 domains. It has a serial
> How do you pretend to be active on the Net, with so few names ?

If you had done even a tiny amount of research, or used a little common
sense, you would have realised why there are so few domains in .AU.

The .AU top level domain is setup the way DNS was intended - in an
hierarchical fashion.

.AU contains 8 active domains
.NET.AU contains thousands of domains
.COM.AU contains 10's of thousands of domains
(I'm guessing here, but I'd say those figures are in the right ball-park)

> Aren't there any Australian company, or organization, which would want
> to 
> have its site under its .AU name ?

There are literally thousands of companies with their sites under .AU,
just not directly under .AU.

>,, and all exist, all exactly
where they should under .COM.AU

> You'd benefit from a .AU zone really competitive...

No, we wouldnt. We would benefit from a competitive .COM.AU domain, but I
doubt anyone will argue too hard about that...

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