Re: DNS: This list is not consultation

Re: DNS: This list is not consultation

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 19:49:41 +1000
>I suggest that IIA remove the obvious offenders from the
>mailing list or control the content of postings to the list.

You mean decide who can and can not be part of the process.  Perhaps you
should chat with Mr. Howard about One Nation.   We might not all agree with
One Nation, but it has raised a few eyebrows.

>I encourage IIA to open channels of consulation with
>stackholders that do not rely upon the operation of this
>mailing list.

Perhaps if people stopped personally attack each other more serious content
would be discussed.

Unfortunately this list is a clear and classic example of how the AU TLD
will be administered.  In a non communicative - if yu don't agree your a
wanker - kind of way.

Worse still any new innovative ideas for improvement would be slammed by
other AU administrators and thus eventually there woudl only be one person
left standing.  Kinda like it is today.

I think, Glen, a lot of people need to seriously grow up.  Firstly by
trying new things.  Secondly by accepting others opinions and perhaps
shutting up.

I'll continue - in volume of necessary - to defend against any person
making ridiculous, biased or unendorsed claims against any project I have
anything to do with. 

Until such time as they can show evidence of a fault.

The advice offered in this email is not considered professional advice,
or it would be accompanied by an invoice. No permission is granted for 
republication of comments, without written consent.
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