DNS: Goodbye...

DNS: Goodbye...

From: Larry Bloch <larry§netregistry.com.au>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 11:50:11 +1000
Just a note to all that I will no longer be taking part in discussions on
this list but have joined the new list the details of which can be found

At 23:25 22/06/98 +0800, you wrote:
>The national dns mailing list has become frustratingly useless for
>its intended purpose.  Given the current efforts of NOIE to foster
>a new process for consultative management of *.AU, a forum is
>required for discussion of the Australia DNS structure and future.
>I have created a new mailing list:
>	dns&#167;waia.asn.au
>You may subscribe to this list by sending the word "subscribe" to
>	dns-request&#167;waia.asn.au
>This is not a moderated list, but it has a few standard
>o Only people subscribed to the list may send email to the list
>o No attachments/encoded postings
>o No more than ten messages per participant per day
>o No Adam Todd
>The list will initially be managed by myself and Kim Davies,
>of WAIA.  However, in the longer term, I'd like to see someone
>else take on the task (Tony Barry has already been mentioned and
>would be an excellent choice).  Modification of the list policy
>is up to participants, and will be implemented in a timely
>The intent of the list is to provide a constructive forum for the
>discussion of the *.AU name space, and other issues of specific
>interest to the Australian DNS community.  I'd encourage interested
>parties and stakeholders to subscribe, so that we have a useful
>method of communicating on this important issue.
>For shell users:
>    echo subscribe | mail dns-request&#167;waia.asn.au

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