Re: DNS: Re: Whois for AU

Re: DNS: Re: Whois for AU

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 21:52:31 +1000
>> Hmm, maybe it's time for ALTERNATE WHOIS!
>  This is an excellent idea.
>> One that has all the data!
>> I'll announce the URL and Server next week!
> I think it is going to take you a bit longer than that, depending on how
> you go about it.

Why so?  I have a number of key known factors already.  Using this
information should allow me to create MOST of the database without too much
effort from almost all NICs. 

After that a quick cross refenance between the local obtained data and the
DNS will allow me to see I have everything for the DNS covered and that
will also in most cases identify the Handles of the users.

I'd give it three days to run on a slow flat rate Telstra link :)

>If you plan to pull down all the Internics database amongst some others
>there in Australia that will take a bit more time than a week.

Not at all.  I already update myself with InterNIC and AUNIC data.  CCA is
a little slow in updating their database at times, perhaps they are better
now, but it's still not an issue.

The database will be fairly accurate.  if someone enters something we can't
find locally, we sinply query the remote whois data and - find it.

>This however is not the only method available.

This is very correct :)
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