DNS: Reasonable limits to discussion

DNS: Reasonable limits to discussion

From: Luke Carruthers <lukec§iia.net.au>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 09:51:09 +1000
A note to users of this list:

dns&#167;iia.net.au is intended for discussion of Australian DNS issues. 

There have been a number of complaints lately concerning the nature and
level of debate on this list. This has lead us to to consider a form of
semi-moderation which is designed to encourage standards of propriety that
will maintain the value of the list to bona fide subscribers.

We have therefore formulated three rules which we ask subscribers to follow
as a condition of further use of this list: 

1. basic levels of courtesy should be observed - personal attacks on other
contributors or third persons are unnecessary and will not be tolerated.

2. contributors should avoid undue repetition of arguments; once the basic
point is made it need not be reiterated or elaborated on ad nauseum.

3. discussion should be confined to issues directly relating to the DNS
situation in Australia including policy, commercial implications, and
options; there are other lists available for more generalised discussion,
or for discussion relating specifically to other areas of the DNS, as
opposed to the DNS in Australia.

If you disagree with being bound by these rules, please unsubscribe now.

Subscribers should appreciate that these rules are not intended to dampen
the free expression of ideas, but rather to ensure that debate is relevant
and constructive and therefore of value. Blatant disregard for these rules
may result in subscribers being temporarily or permanently banned from the

In order to avoid moderation by a single point of view, no-one will be
unsubscribed without multiple complaints by other members of the list sent
directly to me at lukec&#167;iia.net.au. Complaints regarding a subscriber sent
to the list will be disregarded. We recognise that this system is not
perfect, and that there is still a degree of subjectivity in it, but we
feel that it will be an improvement over the existing situation. Additional
suggestions may also be made directly to me at lukec&#167;iia.net.au. 


Luke Carruthers
Acting Chair, ADNA
Secretary, IIA
Received on Tue Jun 23 1998 - 10:22:10 UTC

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