DNS: The Kim Davies DNS Users Test.

DNS: The Kim Davies DNS Users Test.

From: Adam Todd <at§ah.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 13:37:46 +1000
I wanted to post a specific of clarification.

Kim recently conducted a test of DNS servers.  The datya Kim used to obtain
this DNS server list was, I presume the COM.AU (and NET.AU) zone file,
based on Kims Database of ISPs and their domain names.

That's a great starting point.  But as I found out six months ago when I
tried using the same kind of list, it's worthless.

Far too many ISPs have several DNS servers.  Some for Hosting their clients
DNS data on only.  They don't use them as forwarders or caching servers or
even allow their dial up users direct access to the servers via DNS requests.

They have stand alone Caching Servers dedicated to taking a dial up users
request and handling it.

This is clealy why Kim didn't find many of the AU ISPs who are using AURSC.
 Because Kim only checked the DN Servers that HOST Domain Names.

How can you find all the other servers?  Well it's not that easy.  Some
don't have domain names for a start.  In fact I was surprised as to how
many didn't have doman names.

But Kim, I'm sure has a DNS server at his site.  That DNS server collects
statistics that allow a knowledgeable DNS operator to see what the server
is doing.

Kim could dump those statistics and use the IP data in that list (after
decoding what all the numbers in their columns actually mean) to find some
of the ISPs DNS servers he won't already have data for.

I wrote the script in 15 minutes. Works really well for me.  But I've got a
very deep in depth knowledge of the statstics and their meaning.  It's not
as easy as it looks.  :)  Now ALL requests are made for the purpose they

Anyway, Kims Test shows that some ISPs have DNS servers they also use as
caching servers.  It was totally inconclusive.  

I might as well ask how many White Card Ford sold last year. You might be
surprised to later learn that a percentage of these have been sprayed a
different colour.  Does that mean there are still that many White Fords on
the road?  (Ok not brilliant, but I'm sure the alledged brains on the list
can see the point, upon failing to, I guess that just yet again proves the
point anyway.)

At this time I'm not prepared to release the AURSC Users list into the
public domain.  I have far too much concern that people like Rick and
Lincoln will find far too much spare time to go around emailing and
harassing these users, in order to discredit me, AURSC and anything else
they wish to say.  Mind you I'm sure these people have made a well informed
decision and conducted trials accordingly, so they probably don't care and
will quickly hit D or hang up.

But that doesn't change the fact that I'm being a responsible person and
showing my concern.

One day I'd love to turn on the User Stats pages on the AURSC and IRSC web
sites.  They are very educational and interesting to view.  But for now, I
can't do it.
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