Re: DNS: Re: You

Re: DNS: Re: You

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:21:26 +1000
>I can't be bothered reading the rest becausde YOU OF ALL PEOPLE SHOULD BE
>MATURE enough to know the cause of the problem was not me.

I did after I returned from my meeting with the ACCC read your letter.

I must admit after careful reading and then relaying the comments to a
number of consumers who are concerned about some of the preocesses, the one
common comment that came up was:


But I'm sure this is not the case.  Surely?

I will admit I'm disapointed that you have chosen to take sides.  More
dissapointed that you of all people - who is supposedly so highly respected
- has not repremanded the people who caused the majority of the noise
through personal attacks and round robin debate. (That's where every time
you give an answer they ask the same question.  Eventually everyone gets
tired of it.)

I truely remain disappointed for you Karl.
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