RE: [DNS] AP-IFWP Annoucement (Aug 3)

RE: [DNS] AP-IFWP Annoucement (Aug 3)

From: Clive <clive§>
Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 14:07:36 +1000

I would be interested to attend.

Clive Flory
General Manger
Internet names Australia

At 09:57 AM 8/5/98 +1000, you wrote:
>>   | Who is thinking of going to this?
>> For what it is worth, I am seeing if I can manage to arrange 
>> to be able
>> to attend.
>I was orginally going to setup a Video Conference between ASX and Melbourne
>IT due to the fact I will not be able to attend the singapore conference,
>but after a bit of lateral thinking, I figured it might be a chance for
>interested parties to come together to discuss what they would like to say
>to the stakeholder heading over to Singapore. 
>So I am extending an invitation for all people who are interested in having
>this discussion to reply back to me via email if they wish to attend. I have
>set up 3 Video Conference sites, Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane, and will be
>able to bring in a audio feed via the telephone for the people in canberra
>if there is anybody who wishes to be involved from there.
>The time for the conference is 
>Thursday 2PM - 3PM
>Australian Stock Exchange Building
>Level 6
>20 Bond St
>Sydney NSW 
>Ask for Stephen Thompson
>Australian Stock Exchange Building
>Level 3
>530 Collins St
>Melbourne VIC
>Ask for Maree Reid x (03) 9617 8621
>Riverside Ctr
>123 Eagle Street Brisbane
>Ask for Nola Casey x (07) 38364002
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