[DNS] Informal DNS talk next Monday

[DNS] Informal DNS talk next Monday

From: Kate Lance <clance§connect.com.au>
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 14:54:10 +1000
Hi everyone,

Just back from the Singapore AP-IFWP meeting and need to get this note
out quickly: the meeting with NOIE about .au DNS governance that we'd
hoped would happen in August can't - it's looking more like September, 
as NOIE are focussing on the new IANA formation because the issues are
very similar to those for .au.

In the meantime we can still do some groundwork on the problem: if ADNA
is to be improved or replaced we need to see how other countries have
tackled it, what models of ownership, accountability, funding, etc,
they've used and what we can learn from them.  One thing is: it *can*
be done, it's not nearly as hard as it has seemed with only the existing 
ADNA model as an example.

We are fortunate that Patrick O'Brien, Chief Executive of Domainz, the
New Zealand top-level registry, will be in Melbourne next Monday and
has agreed to give an informal talk comparing the structures and issues
with two of the most successful of the country registries, Nominet (UK)
and Domainz.  He's an entertaining speaker with a very clear view of
the difficulties and possible resolutions.

If you are interested in attending, please send me email to confirm
before noon NEXT MONDAY, 17th August.  Melbourne-IT have kindly offered
a venue for this: - Level 3, 207 Bouverie St, Carlton, at 3:00pm,
Monday 17th August.

Kate Lance
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