RE: [DNS] real user input to the process

RE: [DNS] real user input to the process

From: Mark Hughes <effectivebusiness§>
Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 16:28:48 +1000
On the issue of input from 'real' DNS users:

The reason that Tradegate ECA (which I represent in ADNA Vn 1.0) has been
active in DNS issues is that Tradegate ECA is an end user group and has
always believed it was appropriate to represent the views of its users and
provide input to DNS issues.

Tradegate ECA has approximately 1000 members.  A few of those members are
businesses who's reason for existence is communication/electronic commerce
related - ie, they're telcos, an ISP or two, etc.

But the vast majority of Tradegate ECA members are businesses to whom
communication/e-commerce/the internet is an important tool in running their
normal business, but its not their reason for existence.  These members
includes companies from the very large - such as BHP, Coca-Cola Amatil,
Coles-Myer, etc, down to small manufacturers, customs brokers, etc.  'Real'
DNS users, if you like.

Regards, Mark

Mark Hughes
Effective Business Applications
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> Could I suggest a subgroup of 'real users' be formed to help input useful
> queries into your deliberations, as after all it is they who will
> eventually
> have to navigate the systems the 'controllers' whoever they be actually
> decide upon.
> Likely as not, users are a largely technically ignorant group as far as
> special acronyms goes and may frequently resort to 'common language'
> (horrors!) to explain their ideas, so patience may be needed.
> So where might 'real users' come from? Perhaps those currently
> using special
> names might be a start, as well as approaching a few major
> companies who do
> not yet have a specialist and independent net-presence could also
> be useful
> to identify perceived user-barriers. Using a 'snowball' approach would get
> several more involved I am sure (as people bring in others they
> know, etc).
> Tunde
> For what it is worth...
> At 02:00 PM 7/08/98 +1000, George wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >One aspect of the meeting which I think will resonate, is that we really
> >badly need to see converged input from REAL USERS. thats companies who
> >might own, or expect to own names. People who want to use names. entities
> >who seek behaviours from names, and from DNS.
> >
> >So far, as I believe Paul Twomey put it, there is a distinct flavour of
> >poacher-turned-gamekeeper about the discussion.
> >
> >As a techie, I can see problems here: we need to bring people up to speed
> >about what DNS issues are, and why its proving so hard to govern. I think
> >finding representative bodies in these areas will prove a lot less hard
> >than
> >getting peoples knowledge and expectations into shape.
> >
> >-George
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