[DNS] [Fwd: Jon Postel's Message for Buenos Aires]

[DNS] [Fwd: Jon Postel's Message for Buenos Aires]

From: Leni Mayo <leni§moniker.net>
Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 10:15:43 +1000
Postel's message to the IFWP meeting held last week in Buenos Aires.


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>A Message from Jon Postel
>I am sorry I cannot be at this meeting with you today. I wish you
>in the activities you will undertake here. It appears that this will
>the last in a group of meetings to discuss the formation of a new
>organization for managing Internet names and addresses as suggested
>the white paper.
>These meetings are important opportunities to discuss issues and
>ideas about how this new organization can meet its responsibilities
>be responsive to the community. It is important that the good ideas
>developed at these meetings be shared with others via the Internet,
>email reports and web pages, so that we all can build on these
>As you may know, I have prepared a draft set of bylaws to help focus
>the discussion about the structure of this new organization.  It is
>intent to incorporate the developing consensus from these meetings in

>these draft bylaws. The bylaws available today are the second
>iteration, and were designed to incorporate the consensus from the
>Reston and Geveva meetings. I hope these prove useful in your meeting

>today.  The last version of the bylaws will incorporate consensus
>from the Singapore and Buenos Aires meetings.
>It is important to move forward quickly on the formation of the
>organization since it is expected that the current IANA activities
>be performed by the new organization after September 30th, this year
>only about five weeks from today. I am ready to participate, with
>in the design of the new organization.
>It is critical to have the overall structure and framework for the
>organization established in the next few weeks.  Because of the time
>constraints, it may not be possible to reach consensus on all the
>issues about the operation of the new organization.  There will be
>matters that of necessity will be left for the initial board of the
>organization to resolve.  I expect the initial board of the new
>organization will welcome your input on these matters.
>Thank you for the opportunity to present this message, and best
>for a successful meeting. I look forward to hearing and reading about

>the good ideas you develop at this meeting.

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