[DNS] Twomey to Develop and Lead ICANN Governmental Advisory C'ttee

[DNS] Twomey to Develop and Lead ICANN Governmental Advisory C'ttee

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For Immediate Release
February 3, 1999

ICANN Taps Paul Twomey to Develop and Lead its Governmental Advisory
Australian Internet Leader Brings Wealth of International Expertise to

Los Angeles, Calif. - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and
Numbers (ICANN), a new, non-profit, international corporation formed to
oversee a select number of the Internet's core technical management
functions, today announced that it has selected Dr. Paul Twomey as
chairman of its Governmental Advisory Committee.  An Australian
government official with responsibility for information economy issues,
Dr. Twomey will lead the committee charged with providing advice and
counsel to ICANN on a wide-range of government-related matters.

"We are delighted to have someone of the caliber of Dr. Twomey joining
our effort," said Eugenio Triana, ICANN board member and liaison to the
Government Advisory Committee. "With his combination of Internet and
government experience, Dr. Twomey will be invaluable in our efforts to
work with leaders and nations across the globe to help ensure the
continued, smooth functioning of the Internet.  It is a tribute to Dr.
Twomey's outstanding qualifications that the Board of Directors voted
unanimously for his appointment."

Consisting of representatives of national governments, multinational
governmental organizations and treaty organizations, the Governmental
Advisory Committee (GAC) will act as an independent advisory body to
ICANN's Board of Directors.  The GAC is charged with advising ICANN on
the concerns of governments, particularly where ICANN's policies
interact with national laws and international agreements.  The precise
structure and mandate of GAC is yet to be developed.  Leading this
effort will be one of Dr. Twomey's main responsibilities.

Dr Twomey is currently the chief executive officer of Australia's
National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE, www.noie.gov.au).
The NOIE has direct responsibility for developing and coordinating
strategies to address the convergence of the information economy,
information technology and telecommunications issues driven by the
digital revolution. Dr. Twomey is also the Australian government's
Special Adviser for the Information Economy and Technology. In this
capacity, he is charged with providing strategic advice to the
government on developing its information economy and information
technology priorities and strategies, including a National Strategy for
the Information Economy (www.noie.gov.au/nationalstrategy/index.html).

"The role of the GAC is a significant element of ICANN," said Dr.
Twomey, "And I acknowledge that ICANN's invitation for me to chair the
GAC is a great compliment to Australia's role to date in the Internet
reform process. In my position as Chairman, I will endeavour to ensure
that the principles affirmed by ICANN, which are those of fairness and
transparency of policy and procedure, are upheld, and that these
principles are exercised to the maximum extent feasible."

About Paul Twomey
Prior to his appointment to his current role, Dr Twomey held consecutive
Executive General Manager positions with the Australian Trade Commission
(Austrade); first as head of strategic development, and more recently as
the leader of its operations throughout Europe. He was also the leader
of Austrade's Global Information Technology and Telecommunications
Network, assisting Australia's IT&T firms to market their products and
services to key European, American and Asian markets.

Dr Twomey has also worked as a consultant with the global management
consultancy McKinsey & Company.  In this role, he advised major
corporations from the telecommunications, financial service and tourism
sectors in Australia, the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.  Dr.
Twomey holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of
Cambridge.  He is widely published in academic and popular journals.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a
new, non-profit, international corporation formed to oversee a select
number of the Internet's core technical management functions.  Between
now and September 2000, ICANN will take over responsibility for
coordinating domain name system management, IP address space allocation,
protocol parameter assignment, and root server system management, a
privatization called for the in U.S. Government's White Paper on the
Management of the Internet Domain Name System.

In the past, many of these functions have been handled by the U.S.
government, or by its contractors and volunteers.  This informal
structure represented the spirit and culture of the research community
in which the Internet developed. However, the growing size and
international importance of the Internet has necessitated the creation
of a technical management  body that is both more formalized in
structure, and more fully reflective of the geographic diversity of the
Internet community.

ICANN is a non-profit corporation with an international board of
directors.  Its initial board is led by interim chairman Esther Dyson,
and has members drawn from several nations. This initial board is
completing ICANN's by-laws and procedures and working to pave the way
for a smooth and stable transition to private sector management of
technical management functions.  The day-to-day management of ICANN is
led by its interim President and CEO, Mike Roberts.
The initial board members will be succeeded by board members elected by
four different constituency groups, collectively representing a broad
range of the Internet's technical and user communities around the globe.

Twomey Contact:

Brendan Harkin
National Office for the Information Economy
General Manager, Public Affairs

ICANN Contacts:

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling

Sean Garrett
Alexander Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Patrick Worms
Vice President, Technology Communications
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Brussels
(+32-2) 545 6609

Patricia Ratulangi
Senior Associate, Technology Practice
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Singapore
Tel 65 2779563

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