Re: [DNS] Melbourne Meeting

Re: [DNS] Melbourne Meeting

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Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 11:21:08 +1000
If meeting facilities are ever required in Brisbane, I can arrange it.

David Wise

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[Apologies for the cross-post]

Andrew Mahar of The info Xchange has very kindly offered space at his
offices for there to be a Melbourne meeting to discuss the way forward for a
National representative body for Internet users and suppliers.

The meeting is at:
        The info Xchange
        375 Johnston St (opp Davenport's)
        Abbotsford  3076

at      1pm Saturday 26 June 1999

If you would like to come along, please email me privately
(antony&#167; just I can idea of numbers. I have an idea to present
and I will bring along information from the Sydney meeting (ie, general
feelings, ways forward etc).

The floor will be open to everyone for discussions on the best way(s)
forward. There's no point us trying something if people think it's the wrong
way to go.

I'll try to arrange drinks and pizza again (subject to approval) or maybe a
late lunch afterward.

I'd like to thank Andrew and The info Xchange in advance for his time and
office space for this meeting (and hope he doesn't kill me for the pizza
thing :-).


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