[DNS] Generic Domain Names . . .

[DNS] Generic Domain Names . . .

From: Jim Birch <jbirch§multinode.com.au>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 17:28:41 +0800
Ok, then.   How about we get all the generic domain names and (gradually)
flog them off to the highest bidders on a TWO YEAR lease, with a no
automatic continuation, i.e. bid again, brother.  The available space of
generic names is semantically limited, why not time limit them too.  Donate
all the ONGOING proceeds of the exercise to the Poor Boys Society (or have a
huge annual party) or something.  If these generic names are so valuable
then let's spread it around.  I'm not necessarily against individual or
corporate greed, but let's get what we can for these unique public assets.
Really, life.com.au just has to be worth more than 80 bucks!

While we are about it, I don't see why wealthy entities should be able to
pre-emptively register domain names.  I would support the ability to
challenge ownership of a name on the basis any one or more of these
conditions: the entity has too many names already; that they are not
*really* using it; they acquired it for some essentially negative purpose
such as taking it out of circulation, or to blackmail it's "natural" owner.

The internet is a major leveller of opportunity, privilege, and power.  I
think it's a good thing!

Jim Birch
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