[DNS] Generic domain names

[DNS] Generic domain names

From: Kerry Henry <khenry§clickon.au.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 12:40:27 +1000
I have been observing the interchange on the issue of 'generic' names.

I fully support David Wise's comments with one clarification.

Given that 97% of global Websites communicate &/or transact in English and
that generic names are the most common words used in the world – both
‘offline’ and far more significantly ‘online’, especially for ‘find & search
’ activities, then generic names are by far the most powerful global ‘brand’
names and will continue to be so.

Given this unique 'brand' position, I believe that generic names are best
utilised in commerce if all can share.

In what we understand to be a world first, we are developing some 1500
separate (and more popular) 'generic and place' named Websites under the
'au.com' domain space, which few realise as having an 'open' register

With a clear focus on Australian business and content, ALL Australian
businesses will be able to advertise under each of the relevant 1500
Websites and take advantage of the 'global search' pull that generic names

To link with David's email, at www.furniture.au.com , Users will find what I
refer to as business shop fronts (be they manufacturers, retailers,
contractors, consultants etc etc );  special events;  catalogue items;
general classifieds;  employment classifieds;  auctions plus other features
including links to related Websites and an 'intranet - internet'

Our Websites will be 'commerce' focused and essentially act as 'one stop'
Websites to cater for all those in the supply and support chain for that
particular product or service.

One of the biggest issues for all businesses, small and large, are the
significant costs to be found, both 'offline and online'.  We will position
our concept globally to provide a common platform for all Australian
businesses to be more easily found.

We also plan a new form of 'search' engine that rely on generic names, as
most of the others do and again will give priority to Australian businesses.

We are 'focusing on au.stralian com.merce'.

We believe that this is how generic names should be used.

Also, it is impossible to draw 'a line in the sand' on what is or isn't
generic.  Given the number of 'what the globe would judge' as generic names
being registered under 'com.au', there must be 'two lines in the sand' with
a highly flexible and subjective space in the middle.

Kerry Henry
Founder & CEO
Australia e-Commerce Pty Ltd, ClickOn Australia Pty Ltd,
& The email Company Pty Ltd
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