Re: [DNS] auDA - the proposed new registrar for

Re: [DNS] auDA - the proposed new registrar for

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 20:04:47 +0800
> Now is the time to give auDA your input, if you want to be heard...

In particular, I'd like to hear some feedback on the basic

The Interim board is only appointed until the AGM, so we've
tried to come up with a slim set of objectives to be achieved
in the next three months.

Discussion on this list is fine, or you can send responses
to me or comments&#167;


auDA Objectives of Interim Board

Draft, Version 1.0 

Preamble of the au Domain Administration

Taking the view that the Internet Domain Name System is a public
asset, and that the .au ccTLD is under the sovereign control of
the Commonwealth of Australia, auDA will administer the .au
ccTLD for the benefit of the Australian community. 

Mission of the Interim Board of auDA

To establish auDA as an entity capable of effectively administering
the .au domain space in the public interest. 

Objectives of the Interim Board of auDA

1. Establish a revenue stream to fund core auDA activities: 

1.1. Determine arrangements for future administration of, and in consultation with key stakeholders;

1.2. Initiate discussion with 2LD administrators and government
     regarding start-up funding and licencing agreements taking
     into account auDA funding requirements and existing revenue

2. Establish administrative support for core activities:

2.1. Select and appoint CEO;

2.2. Establish and maintain Website (21/6/99);

2.3. Establish online communication mechanisms with members, key
     stakeholders and the community (21/06/99);

2.4. Arrange first Annual General Meeting (22/09/99);

2.5. Select legal advisors (16/06/99);

2.6. Develop a schedule of important dates;

2.7. Arrange appropriate insurance cover.

3. Obtain government endorsement for transition of authority for
   the .au domain space to auDA:

3.1. Issue draft Operating Guidelines (outlining policy development
     process and including process for public consultation and
     participation) for public comment;

3.2. Develop Terms of Reference and membership for interim auDA
     Reference Panel to advise the Board on issues of immediate

3.3. Promote appropriate performance standards for 2LD administrators.

3.4. Liaise with the ACCC on competition and consumer protection

3.5. Develop funding options and models.
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