Re: [DNS] Domain names

Re: [DNS] Domain names

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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 09:02:39 +1000
>>Senator Spencer Abraham last week introduced the
>>Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. In addition
>>to cracking down on the bad faith registration of popular
>>trademark names for domain names, the bill is intended,
>>according to Abraham, to "protect consumers who make
>>typographical errors and enter legitimate domain names
>>and are instead directed to Internet sites containing
>>pornography or other inappropriate material."
>>Critics of the bill argue that existing trademark law
>>already provides reasonable remedy for infringement and
>>that, if passed, the bill would expand trademark law
>>excessively - well beyond what we've seen in recent history.
>>Leni Mayo

I think this is a good idea.   People should not be allowed to hijack another company's goodwill & reputation by registering domain names similar to that company's existing trade marks.

Trade mark law does not necessarily offer adequate protection.  If you register a domain name that is similar to someone else's trade mark and then just warehouse it without using it, you are not necessarily breaching the trade mark (because you are not trading under the name) but you are preventing a businees from using their own trade mark as a domian name.

David Wise

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