[DNS] domain names

[DNS] domain names

From: ShaunLeCornu <apache§box.net.au>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 17:37:11 +0930
I think that many of the rules for the .com.au and .net.au domains that
are in place are there to protect the interests of Australian business.
I also believe that to a large extent these rules work, and that the
situation is better than it would have been without them.

I agree that having rules is better than no rules, but I think that
perhaps some of them need to be looked at and refined to be more
advantageous to australian business. The idea is not that you cant make
everybody happy rather that the rules need to put us on an even scale
with the rest of the world. I would be the first to admit that I have an
agenda but it's not hidden, I'm in business to make money like every
business is, absolutely I want a share of the profits and why not!!!

I think many of the deregulation arguments are comming from individuals
and organisations hoping for a cut of the profits that are to be made,
that until now, have been restricted to a chosen few. I understand this
point of view, but I dont understand what the internet community is
to gain from increasing the chosen few domain rego organisations to a
chosen score.

I for one am not dependent on trying to gain access to a .au generic
domain name as I did just what I said would happen and spent my money on
a .com domain name because I felt that .com has more recognition than
.com.au not because I like .com but because the customer wills it.
Customers are basically lazy and take the path of least resistance, in
other words if you have two companies that are identical to each other
in every way except that it was easier to remember how to find one over
the other, even though they might not purchase of that company they will
undoutably look at it in any case because it was easy. Having the domain
name is only part of the battle and by know means does it make you
successful. As for people "BUYING UP" all the good names put in some
rules as to how long you can own a domain name with out using it that
way all the extra domain names that people have will eventually be
available. You can only buy the same piece of land once so why should
people not be allowed to own generic domain names. Is it that changing
everything is too much work.
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